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The Kosher Companion

Hardcover originally published 1997.

An updated paperback edition will be available
Fall, 2003.

Originally published in 1997, this first consumer’s guide to the growing world of kosher foods and services, will soon be available in a new, expanded, updated paperback edition [look for it in Fall 2003]. Written for a wide range of readers -- for people who keep kosher as well as those who have heard about kosher foods but aren’t sure what it means -- this book explains the meaning of the dietary laws, how to identify kosher products by their symbols, what makes meat and poultry kosher. There are sections on kosher foods for vegetarians and for those who are allergic to milk or other substances, how to eat kosher and healthy, on kosher wines and nearly 40 easy-to-prepare kosher recipes. The resource section includes information on kosher mail order, web sites, traveling kosher, and listings of kosher hotels, restaurants, caterers, supermarkets, bakeries, butchers, and summer camps across the country.

A Selection of Reviews

“All the practical information and advice on kosher foods, shopping and services and a roundup of delicious kosher recipes that you will ever need.”
- New York Daily News

“The ABC’s of kosher foods.” - New York Newsday

“From pizza to web sites, this book delivers. Your search for anything kosher under the sun need go no further than this useful primer that covers just about anything you’d want to know about kosher…..deserves a spot on the shelf of any kosher kitchen - right next to the matzo meal.”
- San Francisco Jewish Bulletin

“Covers fascinating ground….extensive resources…mouth-watering, easy-to-prepare recipes….A wealth of information for consumers, whether they are religious, health conscious, or just curious. Written in an informative and lucid format, this book can be referred to again and again.” - Queens Resident

“Kosher consumers and those curious about the world of kosher foods and dietary laws will be interested in this book.” - The Jewish Week

“This is the first consumer guide to the ever growing world of kosher foods and products. It is even useful if you don’t keep kosher for religious reasons but believe that kosher products are safer in general.” - Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel